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Armored Cars Personal safety is most at risk when a person is on the road and traveling from one place to another. When they’re indoors, walls provide good protection and a room can provide ample cover. When a person is on the street and in a car, they’re more vulnerable and can be harmed easily. That’s one of the reasons why companies like Kristiana provide good quality and resilient armored cars to at-risk people.

What Are Armored Cars?

Regular cars have a thin metal body that can be easily damaged. Any object traveling at a sufficiently high velocity can penetrate the surface and harm people sitting inside the car. Armored vehicles are different and are designed to offer maximum protection to the passengers. Everything from the metal body to the glass is designed from special compounds so they’re not easy to penetrate.

This improves the overall security and ensures you’re not harmed while you’re traveling in this vehicle. These vehicles come in a number of different forms as some are designed for regular VIP use while others are designed for special situations and military operations.

Special Purpose Vehicles

These vehicles are specially designed to handle volatile combat situations and offer high resistance to impact and bullets. They don’t blend in with regular vehicles on the road and are often used by government authorities, police, and other law enforcement agencies throughout the world. These vehicles are military-grade with a number of unique characteristics, including:

  • Bullet-proof glass
  • Perimeter protection around the seats
  • Good off-road performance
  • Great maneuverability without compromising on passenger comfort
  • Additional layer of cabin protection and ventilation

These are just some of the traits you can find in special purpose military armor vehicles. They can be used in a number of situations, including riots, areas of conflict, and other such hostile situations.

Resilient Armored Cars for Civilians

Sometimes, you don’t want to stand out or travel in vehicles designed specifically for hostile operations. In such cases, you can use regular civilian armored cars for additional protection. These armored vehicles look like regular luxury cars so they’ll easily blend it with others on the road. These vehicles are designed to be discreet and indistinct so they’re not easy to identify. It provides an additional level of protection as vehicles that blend are less likely to be targeted.

They also have bullet-proof glass and perimeter protection around the passenger areas so you’ll be protected from high-velocity objects. All the key vulnerable components of these vehicles are reinforced to provide additional protection and reduce the overall vulnerability.

These vehicles are well-designed and stylish so they’re great for people that want to travel in style. They’re primarily used by celebrities, business owners, high-profile individuals, important politicians, etc. so they need to look good and provide protection at the same time. When you want armored cars that will provide you the level of security and luxury you need, consider products like the ones offered by companies like Kristiana. "MORE ARTICLES"
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