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Armored Military Vehicles Military and conflict zones are risky and there’s an immediate threat to life of everyone present in such places. While people are relatively safe when they’re behind solid walls and in buildings, they can be vulnerable while traveling. Military personnel all over the world need secure and resilient vehicles that can protect them in conflict zones and carry them from one place to another safely. Companies like Kristiana provide excellent solutions with their wide range of armored military vehicles.

Benefits of Using Armored Military Cars

Armored military vehicles are specially designed for conflict zones and provide a number of safety features that protect all passengers inside. Here’s a small list of protections you can expect from these vehicles:

  • They’re suitable for all climate conditions - These armored vehicles are designed to provide comfort and protection in all kinds of climate conditions. They can endure heavy rainfall, severe snowfall, intense heat, etc, and still protect the passengers inside and keep them comfortable.

  • They have bullet-proof glass - Glass is one of the most vulnerable aspects of a vehicle as it can shatter on impact. The glass in military armored cars are tempered and layered to be resistant to high-velocity impact. The glass components also have an additional protection in the form of a metal net over the windows. These nets don’t compromise visibility, but they do offer additional protection.

  • Specially designed perimeter armor - The body of these vehicles is specially designed for combat situations, which means they don’t just offer protection against regular bullets, but they also can withstand impact from superior ammunition like 7.62x51mm NATO rounds. This is essential for combat areas because assailants usually don’t use regular handguns or bullets.

  • They’re suitable for all terrains - One of the biggest advantages of these vehicles is the ability to travel over all kinds of terrain without causing too much discomfort to the rider. This means the cars can travel over unpaved roads, desert sand, mud, forest terrain, etc. The wheels are designed to provide the right amount of grip and there’s no compromise on maneuverability.

Where Are These Military Armor Vehicles Used?

Military armor vehicles are designed for a are used in areas that require military presence. Here are some situations in which these vehicles are used:

  • Conflict Zones - These military armor cars are most often found in conflict areas like war zones, regions with political and civilian unrest, and other such areas with heavy military presence.

  • Riots - Military vehicles, especially riot-control cars, are deployed during riots as well. They protect the law-enforcement authorities from rioters and ensure everyone is safe while the travel through the conflict area.

  • Urban Areas During Disasters - Navigating through urban areas after disasters can be risky and authorities need military-grade armor vehicles to ensure everyone is safe. These vehicles are designed for all-terrains so they can handle damaged urban landscape and infrastructure.

When you want armored cars that will provide you the level of security and luxury you need, consider products like the ones offered by companies like Kristiana.

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