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Armored SUV’s SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. They’re designed to offer ample passenger and storage space, as well as deliver reliable performance on both city roads and off-terrain. Companies like Kristiana understand the convenience and appeal of SUVs and the need for additional protection. That’s why they provide a range of armored SUVs that provide style and security and cater to customers across the world.

What Are Armored SUVs?

Regular cars are surprisingly vulnerable and it doesn’t take much force or impact for an object to penetrate the outer shell and enter the passenger area. If security is a concern for you, these vehicles won’t offer much protection. The best protection is offered by specially-designed armored SUV cars as they’re made from more resilient materials. Here’s what you can expect from armored SUVs:

  • Bullet-Proof Glass - Glass is one of the most vulnerable aspects of a vehicle and is also one of the first things to shatter upon impact. Armored SUVs have bullet-proof windows and windshields so they offer much better protection. Most bullets can’t penetrate this glass fully and enter the passenger area; so you’re relatively safe when you travel in these vehicles.

  • Armored Body - These SUVs have parameter protection around the passenger areas. The metal body isn’t thin and can’t be easily pierced. It’s also impact-resistant, so the armor will protect you even if there’s an accident.

  • Off-Road Performance - These vehicles provide great off-road performance as well. While they appear luxurious and stylish, they’re designed to withstand rough roads without compromising on comfort. The tires are resilient and in most cases bullet-proof as well, which ensures the armored vehicle will hold its ground even when it’s being shot at.

Who Needs Armored SUV?

Armored SUVs are for at-risk individuals and can be used in a number of different applications based on the security concerns and terrain requirements. Some of the people that most commonly use armored SUV vehicles include:

  • Politicians - Politicians and world leaders are especially at risk and require additional protection during their travels. This is especially true in regions with active political conflict and unrest. The armored cars allow politicians to travel to their various appointments without being too concerned about their safety.

  • High-Profile Business Owners And Executives - Sometimes high-profile business owners and executives are actively threatened or face considerable risk to their well-being. These armored SUVs provide protection during their travels and allow them to focus on their work rather than worrying about their security.

  • Celebrities - Most celebrities don’t require armored vehicles and can use their regular personal vehicles for their daily travel. However, those visiting conflict areas or unsafe places in other corners of the world might need additional protection.

Armored SUVs are designed to be suitable for anyone that needs additional security and faces an active threat to their lives. When you want a spacious armored car that will provide you the level of security and luxury you need, consider products like the ones offered by companies like Kristiana.

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