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Armored Transit Vehicles One can never be too careful when they’re transporting large amounts of cash or other valuables from one location to another. There are always criminal elements around ready to take advantage of any opportunity to make quick money, which is why it’s essential to take steps to protect your interests. Companies like Kristiana provide armored transit vehicles that provide protection and security during transit.

Why Is An Armored Car Necessary?

Vehicles in transit are considered easier targets than stationary locations like banks, buildings, and commercial spaces. Without proper protection and security arrangements, they can present a tempting target and become easily overwhelmed by gunfire. This places both the drivers and the cargo at risk.

Regular vehicles have a thin metal body that can easily be pierced and damaged by high-velocity impact. Bullets can penetrate it and harm the passengers inside. The windows and windshields are made from regular tempered vehicle glass; so while they can withstand some impact, they’re not designed to deal with high-velocity impact. That’s why you need armored transit vehicles to keep you secure while transporting expensive items.

How Can An Armored Transit Vehicle Help?

Armored transit trucks are designed specifically to transport high-value items like cash, expensive jewelry, etc. They have several security mechanisms in place that work together to protect the driver and the cargo, and deny access to criminal elements. They can stall the criminals until the authorities make it to your location to provide assistance.

  • Exterior Protection - The vehicle body isn’t as fragile and is made from special compounds that can resist the impact of bullets. The armor plating is also more likely to withstand impact from other cars without sustaining too much damage. The more vulnerable areas of the car’s exterior like the hinges and joints are also reinforced to provide better protection.
  • Glass - The glass is layered and tempered so it can withstand impact from bullets without shattering. The surface might develop cracks but the material traps or repels the bullets instead of letting them into the car. As glass is the most vulnerable aspect of the car, this protection is essential. Some armored transit trucks have additional protection in the form of a net over the surface of the glass pane. While this doesn’t compromise the visibility of the driver, it can offer better protection.

Armored transit vans also have superior locking and door mechanisms to ensure criminal elements don’t get easy access to the cargo inside when the vehicle is stationary. This acts as deterrent and adds to the level of security too.

Who Can Use Armored Transit Vehicles?

These vehicles require special driving skills and ability because they’re heavier. With proper training and certification, any driver can use it to transport important cargo. The vehicles are often used by:

  • Government organizations.
  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Business owners with high-ticket items.
  • Private Citizens that want to move expensive cargo.

Companies like Kristiana provide a wide range of armored transit vehicles to clients across the world and you’re sure to find something in their fleet to fit your requirements.

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