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Armored Luxury Sedans

Armored cars are used in a number of situations and for different purposes. Some are used in military and conflict zones and look like military vehicles. They’re less focused on the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle and more focused on the overall functionality. But some situations require both functionality and great aesthetic appeal and that’s where luxury armored sedans come in! Read more about Armored Luxury Sedans »

Armored Military Vehicles

Military and conflict zones are risky and there’s an immediate threat to life of everyone present in such places. While people are relatively safe when they’re behind solid walls and in buildings, they can be vulnerable while traveling. Military personnel all over the world need secure and resilient vehicles that can protect them in conflict zones and carry them from one place to another safely! Read more about Armored Military Vehicles »

Armored Personnel Carriers

Armored personnel carriers are designed to transport personnel from one location to another through conflict zones. Regular vehicles can’t withstand the terrain or the assault from gunfire. Traveling in them can place the personnel at risk and even cause fatalities. Companies like Kristiana have specially designed armored personnel vehicles that can safely transport people to their destination! Read more about Armored Personnel Carriers »

Armored Transit Vehicles

One can never be too careful when they’re transporting large amounts of cash or other valuables from one location to another. There are always criminal elements around ready to take advantage of any opportunity to make quick money, which is why it’s essential to take steps to protect your interests. Companies like Kristiana provide armored transit vehicles that provide protection and security during transit! Read more about Armored Transit Vehicles »

Armored SUVs

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. They’re designed to offer ample passenger and storage space, as well as deliver reliable performance on both city roads and off-terrain. Companies like Kristiana understand the convenience and appeal of SUVs and the need for additional protection. That’s why they provide a range of armored SUVs that provide style and security and cater to customers across the world! Read more about Armored SUV’s »

Armored Cars

Personal safety is most at risk when a person is on the road and traveling from one place to another. When they’re indoors, walls provide good protection and a room can provide ample cover. When a person is on the street and in a car, they’re more vulnerable and can be harmed easily. That’s one of the reasons why companies like Kristiana provide good quality and resilient armored cars to at-risk people. Read more about Armored Cars »
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